Second Wind


Second Wind tech­no­logy syn­chron­izes mu­sic tempo with the listen­er’s body move­ment by re­gis­ter­ing ori­gin­al mu­sic tempo, identi­fy­ing the user’s body rhythm and ad­just­ing the mu­sic to cre­ate har­mony between the two. As a res­ult of math­em­at­ic­al pro­cessing, the mu­sic seems to have been ma­gic­ally played at a dif­fer­ent tempo.


Or­din­ary mu­sic that does not match the per­son’s move­ments feels out of synch and has a neg­at­ive im­pact on per­form­ance and mood.


Make Second Wind tech­no­logy the in­dustry stand­ard by al­low­ing users to com­bine and syn­chron­ize their fa­vor­ite mu­sic with ex­er­cise.


The fit­ness mar­ket is es­tim­ated at over $55 bil­lion and grow­ing at up to 15% an­nu­ally. The fit­ness mo­bile app mar­ket is cur­rently worth $250 mil­lion and is grow­ing by more than 50% an­nu­ally. 70% of fit­ness en­thu­si­asts listen to mu­sic while ex­er­cising.

What`s this all about?

Original song. Quite suitable for running, but what if you move much faster?

Original song

You may speed it up to your tempo, artlessly and roughly. Sounds funny, yeah. Not the effect, we want.

Speeded up, no technology

Or you may use Second Wind technology - automatically adapting music tempo to your speed, or setting the tempo manually, - and make the song sound according to you without jolly distortions.

Speeded up by Second Wind