Customer Reviews

"Beautiful when I saw child with it"

"The illustrations are beautiful, the music is well done and each page has fun interactive elements that help tell the story. It is one of my 18 mo. old granddaughter favorite apps and it is one of the few that we both enjoy!"

"Very beautiful and atmsopheric!"


What do your emotions mean? What clues are they trying to give you? Use MyEmotions to access your subconscious mind by identifying your true moods and emotions.

Are you having doubts about your choice of partner? Worried about making the wrong decision in your career? Unclear about what your intuition means? MyEmotions uses proven psychological testing to determine what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you through your feelings.

MyEmotions is based on well-known psychological techniques developed by famous psychologists in their field, such as Max Luscher, Alexander Etkind, Charles E. Osgood, F.M. Alexander and others. This innovative system can determine your emotional state and measure its intensity with 90% accuracy.

By applying this knowledge in your daily life, you can get a deeper understanding of yourself....